Monday, 16 February 2009

Babies having babies

This is a story that has dominated headlines in the last few days; the 13 year old boy who fathered a kid with a 15 year old girl. Why in God’s name are they having sex at such a young age for? Many news papers have been quick to blame the social services. What have the social services got to do with the upbringing of a teenager who has been brought up by both his parents? The girl’s parents were well aware that she was having underage sex within the confines of their home

Every individual should be held accountable for their own actions, however, in this case the parents should be held responsible for the inability to raise their kid in the right way. Why have moral standards in British families come to an all time low? Why is it teenage pregnancy more acceptable in the UK compared to other European countries? The family home is the foundation of society, and as such these morally unacceptable views are also held by many in society. Hence, the government, made up of individuals who might express such views, indirectly encourage teenage pregnancy by giving handouts and council flats to many teenage mums. Why do tax payers have to bear the brunt for the irresponsibility of others?

I can blame the government and the society; however, this issue must be tackled from the root. In this case, the root of the problem lies within the family. I pray that when I decide to have kids, I will be able to bring them up in the right way. Showing them, the difference between right and wrong, morally acceptable and unacceptable and hope that i can be a shining example to others.

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  1. You are so right, like I thought I was the only one blaming his and her parents for this. It's annoying when people say the goverment should have, social services should have, how about parents should have trained their kids right, then we wouldn't have this mess.