Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Evil that men do

I recently watched a very disturbing video on youtube, which showed some thieves been burnt alive. This video, which was taken in Nigeria made me think about the many problems that has ravaged my homeland for many years. I would have loved to put a link here, however, the video was so gruesome that I had to build up the courage to watch it. For those of you who are brave enough, search for "Nigerian thieves burnt alive" and you will be presented with the very same video that has kept me thinking.

Nigeria, with a population of 120 million has approximately 40% practicing christians and 50% practising muslims. It just baffles me that one of the most religious countries in the world can be so violent [fraudelent and corrupt]. Dont the teachings of the bible and the Koran talk about love of others. Religion, irrespective of which it is we practise aims to make us better people. On the other hand, many people have lost their lives for their beliefs (I will cover this topic some other time).

If we say we are a religious people, then lets stick to what the teachings say. I hope and pray a day will come when Nigerians' will no longer be classified as fraudulent, corrupt and violent.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Child witches

I came across the article today and it sort of reminded me of the level of illiteracy that exist in many African countries.

Many children who have been branded witches by their own immediate family have been subject to constant abuse all in the name of religion. These kids are often beaten, deprived of food and tortured (military style). I have also always wondered why only children are branded witches. Witches never seem to take adult form.

I believe one reason this issue is predominant in Africa is overzealous Christian groups. Christianity over the last decade has been taken to new heights in many African nations. Performing acts on individuals that will normally be deemed illegal in the modern world. Why are people allowed to abuse children all in the name of belief? It is not the belief in witchcraft that I am worried about (See 'Beliefs' article), it is when such beliefs lead to abuse.

This problem is not only present in Africa, but can also be found in East Asia. Governments in affected countries need to wake up and take actions against individuals and organizations committing such acts. It is about time, we all say no to CHILD ABUSE.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Killer Swine Flu

Over the last few days, many of us would only just have heard about swine flu as it has been making news headlines. It has killed over 150 people in mexico and has now spread to other countries. Today, a toddler died in the U.S state of Texas. This shows that the virus which is gradually spreading is capable of causing more harm in the next few weeks unless something is done about this PANDEMIC.

This is one word that has been constantly used during the media coverage. I was appalled to learn that many here in the UK think that the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as governments around the world is overreacting to the spread of this deadly virus. This is a virus that has killed at least 150 people and according to WHO shows no sign of slowing down.

Individuals are allowed to voice their opinions without fear of repercussion, however, when it involves loss of lives, people need to be cautious about their opinions. Loss of lives irrespective of numbers makes it a serious situation. Are these non-caring individuals expecting the government to take the situation serious when the virus causes thousands of deaths? I pray it never gets that bad. I hope these individuals don’t have any friends or relatives that contract the virus. May be then, they might think the situation is more serious than they initially thought it was.

People shouldn’t take numbers for granted, 1 loss of life is as equal to hundreds of deaths.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Zimbabwe's plight

Last week, the prime minister of Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai was involved in a car crash in which his wife of 31 years lost her life. This story has really saddened me and shows the plight of many citizens of this once fruitful nation. Many have been quick to point the finger of blame at Robert Mugabe, who has completely ruined this country.

Zimbabweans have faced hyperinflation and cholera outbreaks while their human rights have been abused. Despite this, thousands, if not millions turned out in support of their president during the last election. How can they show support for a president who clearly expresses his non-tolerance for white farmers (this is racism by the way). In the last decade, he has illegally redistributed land to blacks and has threatened those white farmers who have yet to release their land ownership. The fact is, I can go on and list the hundreds of problems faced by Zimbabweans, which has been caused by an illiterate and ignorant dictator. The question I would like to ask here is, why has the international community failed to take action against Robert Mugabe?

America would have been quick to get involved if there was a substantial gain. The U.S amongst others has been quick to get involved with other country’s politics when there is a particular interest Zimbabwe unlike other African nations, doesn’t boast of resources such a gold, oil and Cocoa.. It is about time, when the world looked to help countries such Zimbabwe and Sudan not just because of potential economic gain but because of the inhumane, degrading and hopeless situations that many of their citizens face.

Friday, 20 February 2009


Today, I read a story about a boy in India who was married to a Dog to ward off evil spirits and bud luck. To many in the western world, this would seem to be a far cry from modern practices. I, like many others have never heard of such superstitious traditions. Many societies engage in practices that would seem to have no place in the modern world. Such individuals would be shunned and in some cases be discriminated against. This brings me to the issue of beliefs; why do many societies perform illicit acts in the name of beliefs.

What many fail to realise is that most individuals are born into beliefs which are then passed down from generation to generation. In most cases, individuals are brought up into believing that their own beliefs are right and that any others to be seen as false practices. How then can we discriminate individuals for doing what in their hearts seems to be the right choice? We live in a modern society where we need to accept individuals irrespective of race, religion, ethnic background and beliefs.

However, a line needs to be drawn. How do you explain marrying a child to a dog, isn’t this against her human rights. What if the parents of this child, for some crazy reason, engage the dog and the child in sexual intercourse? Do we still class this as acceptable? Do we sit back and let the child’s rights be violated in the name of belief. I strongly believe in the freedom of belief, however, when societies force individuals to take actions against their will, it then becomes an issues of ignorance and abuse and can no longer be classed as belief.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Babies having babies

This is a story that has dominated headlines in the last few days; the 13 year old boy who fathered a kid with a 15 year old girl. Why in God’s name are they having sex at such a young age for? Many news papers have been quick to blame the social services. What have the social services got to do with the upbringing of a teenager who has been brought up by both his parents? The girl’s parents were well aware that she was having underage sex within the confines of their home

Every individual should be held accountable for their own actions, however, in this case the parents should be held responsible for the inability to raise their kid in the right way. Why have moral standards in British families come to an all time low? Why is it teenage pregnancy more acceptable in the UK compared to other European countries? The family home is the foundation of society, and as such these morally unacceptable views are also held by many in society. Hence, the government, made up of individuals who might express such views, indirectly encourage teenage pregnancy by giving handouts and council flats to many teenage mums. Why do tax payers have to bear the brunt for the irresponsibility of others?

I can blame the government and the society; however, this issue must be tackled from the root. In this case, the root of the problem lies within the family. I pray that when I decide to have kids, I will be able to bring them up in the right way. Showing them, the difference between right and wrong, morally acceptable and unacceptable and hope that i can be a shining example to others.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Judging others

Yesterday was a fun night as i was out clubbing with my cousin in London. I ended up in a very exclusive central london club where i saw this very pretty girl. I am the sort of guy that tends to appreciate everything that looks good, so i was utterly disappointed when my cousin dropped a bombshell when he told me that this supposedly pretty girl was actually a man who had a sex change. My first thought was why would anyone want to have a sex change? Surely, in terms of religion, this act is wrong in the eyes of God. Besides that, sex change is taboo in modern societies and is seen to be morally unacceptable by many.

This would later provoke me to ask the question; " Who are we to judge others"? As humans, we always tend to criticize others regarding their looks, beliefs and behaviour amongst others. I believe, that as individuals, we are allowed to be who we want to be provided our actions don't negatively affect others. By having a sex change, that guy/girl (whatever the label should be) did what would make him feel better. As a kid, he probably never liked the body that he was born into and decided that he would be better suited to a female body.

Well. i guess the point i am trying to make here is: don't judge others until you have seen the whole picture. You and I have probably done something in the past that others didnt approve of. No amount of persuassion would have convinced us to do otherwise. Our actions, as with the sex change has probably made us a better person today.