Monday, 9 March 2009

Zimbabwe's plight

Last week, the prime minister of Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai was involved in a car crash in which his wife of 31 years lost her life. This story has really saddened me and shows the plight of many citizens of this once fruitful nation. Many have been quick to point the finger of blame at Robert Mugabe, who has completely ruined this country.

Zimbabweans have faced hyperinflation and cholera outbreaks while their human rights have been abused. Despite this, thousands, if not millions turned out in support of their president during the last election. How can they show support for a president who clearly expresses his non-tolerance for white farmers (this is racism by the way). In the last decade, he has illegally redistributed land to blacks and has threatened those white farmers who have yet to release their land ownership. The fact is, I can go on and list the hundreds of problems faced by Zimbabweans, which has been caused by an illiterate and ignorant dictator. The question I would like to ask here is, why has the international community failed to take action against Robert Mugabe?

America would have been quick to get involved if there was a substantial gain. The U.S amongst others has been quick to get involved with other country’s politics when there is a particular interest Zimbabwe unlike other African nations, doesn’t boast of resources such a gold, oil and Cocoa.. It is about time, when the world looked to help countries such Zimbabwe and Sudan not just because of potential economic gain but because of the inhumane, degrading and hopeless situations that many of their citizens face.

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