Monday, 18 May 2009

Child witches

I came across the article today and it sort of reminded me of the level of illiteracy that exist in many African countries.

Many children who have been branded witches by their own immediate family have been subject to constant abuse all in the name of religion. These kids are often beaten, deprived of food and tortured (military style). I have also always wondered why only children are branded witches. Witches never seem to take adult form.

I believe one reason this issue is predominant in Africa is overzealous Christian groups. Christianity over the last decade has been taken to new heights in many African nations. Performing acts on individuals that will normally be deemed illegal in the modern world. Why are people allowed to abuse children all in the name of belief? It is not the belief in witchcraft that I am worried about (See 'Beliefs' article), it is when such beliefs lead to abuse.

This problem is not only present in Africa, but can also be found in East Asia. Governments in affected countries need to wake up and take actions against individuals and organizations committing such acts. It is about time, we all say no to CHILD ABUSE.

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